Please see below list of ammunition and current prices.  The list changes often, so if you don't see what you want, let us know!

MfgCalibreBulletGrainDescriptionQty PerPrice (CAD)
Sellier & Bellot22LRSoft Point40SB Standard Velocity507.75
Winchester22LRSoft Point40Wildcat High Velocity508.50
Winchester22LRHollow Point37Super X High Velocity509.25
Remington22LRHollow Point36Golden Bullet Value Pack52539.75
Russian Surplus7.62 x 25mmFMJ

Military Surplus - Corrosive

Russian Surplus7.62 x 25mmFMJMilitary Surplus - Corrosive1260


Sellier & Bellot7.62 x 39mmFMJ1241984 Czech Army Surplus, on stripper clips109.00
Hornady7.62 x 39mmLead Point123Steel case, SST (Super Shock Tip)5058.75
Barnaul7.62 x 39mmFMJ123Steel case, non corrosive, hunting grade2013.50
Federal303 BritishLead Point180Power shock, soft point, hunting grade2049.75
Sellier & Bellot45ACPFMJ230FMJ5029.75
Remington UMC45ACPFMJ230FMJ5032.50
Winchester12ga1oz x #6 shot2 3/4", game load (small game & birds)2513.50