Price (CAD)

Mossberg22LRRifleSemi Auto715T Tactical, comes with 5 - 10 round mags, Vertex Diamondback HP 2 - 8x32 scopeUsed450.00
SKS7.62x39mmRifleSemi AutoSKS Russian Army Surplus, NEW not reconditioned, gold bayonet, mag pinned to 5 rounds New350.00
Lee Enfield303 BritRifleBolt ActionDated from 1918, Sporterized, 1 - 10 round clip, peep sights with rear elevationUsed450.00
Para Ordanance45ACPPistolSemi Auto Single Action1911 Expert GI, Stainless Steel, 127mm barrel, 2 - 8 round mags, plastic case.  RESTRICTEDUsed625.00
Ruger22LRPistolSemi Auto Single ActionMark II Target Pistol, 140mm barrel, 5 - 10 round mags.  RESTRICTEDUsed685.00
Dominion Arms7.62 x 25mmPistolSemi Auto SA/DAP762, 114mm barrel, 2 - 10 round mags, plastic case. RESTRICTEDUsed450.00
Browning12gaShotgunSemi AutoDouble Auto Twelvette Lightweight (Aluminum Receiver), Dated to 1957, Full Choke.  Lyman Choke with Cutts Compensator muzzle brake.  Somewhat rare, a lot of fun to shoot!Used950.00
Remington12gaShotgunSemi AutoSportsman 48, 3 round capacity, 48" barrel, Dated to 1951Used350.00

Please see below list of current firearms and current prices.  If you would like pictures, please contact us for pictures and further details!  The list changes often, so if you don't see what you want, let us know!